Monday, March 02, 2009

Should you trust the CIA?

MSNBC reports on Kyle Foggo, a former top CIA official:
A former CIA agent rose to the agency's No. 3 rank despite a record of misconduct that stretched over 20 years, prosecutors said, but his career came to an end with his conviction in a bribery scheme.

In court papers, prosecutors describe how, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo was investigated in the late 1980s for punching a bicyclist in a traffic dispute and for numerous relationships with foreign women that could have compromised security. ....

Foggo is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday in U.S. District Court in Alexandria after pleading guilty to a single count of fraud as part of a plea bargain.

Court papers filed this week offer the most detailed glimpse yet of Foggo's misconduct, which included getting his mistress hired to a $100,000 a year job at the CIA....
What would a man of Foggo's moral character plan to do after retiring from the CIA: MSNBC reports that he had planned to run for Congress.

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