Monday, June 01, 2009

Eco-hypocrite of the day

Pres. Obama, who takes global warming seriously, took his wife for Broadway for a date. The Daily Mail estimates to cost at £45,000 ($70,000 US):

The romantic jaunt is estimated to have cost the taxpayer more than £45,000 in transport and security costs - because the date was in New York.

The President used three planes, one to carry the couple and two to ferry aides and reporters all the way from Washington.

The cost of each flight was thought to be nearly £15,000.

The bill was pushed even higher with the use of two helicopters, one to take the Obamas to catch their plane in Washington and another to zip the party into Manhattan from JFK airport.

Can anyone estimate what the carbon footprint of that 3-jet and multiple helicopter date was?

RELATED: Air Force 1, with military jet escorts, buzzed the Statue of Liberty for a photo-op. That trip was criticized for frightening New Yorkers. Did anyone report on its carbon footprint?

PREVIOUS eco-hypocrite of the day: Nancy Pelosi.

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