Thursday, November 15, 2007

Those who love to hate, III

Michelle Malkin spots a case of a blogger at the Huffington Post imaging/projecting liberal faults onto conservatives and then attacking/hating them for those imagined faults:

A sanctimonious liberal (redundancy alert!) blogger excoriates various conservatives who all presumably own massive, gas-guzzling vehicles like the Ford F-150:

As the American economy falls to pieces, oil is hovering in the $100 per barrel range and gas prices are a few days away from shattering all-time high records. Forecasters are predicting that gas will surpass $3.22 per gallon by next week. Mad Money’s Jim Cramer told Chris Matthews last week that gas prices might top $4 per gallon within the next six weeks.

Even with this brutal economic news to serve as an incentive, will Michelle Malkin, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and their ilk sacrifice for the war effort by purchasing less Islamofascist gasoline for their Ford F-150 Microphalluses? No way. Too moonbatty. Devising new and hilariously clever agitprop words like “Defeatocrats” is clearly more patriotic than actually addressing the principle source of global and domestic instability: oil and gasoline.

The blogger, one Bob Cesca, published his post at the Huffington Post, founded by the Queen of gas-guzzling Gulfstream Liberals, Arianna Huffington. Yes, the same Arianna Huffington who was caught driving this Chevy Suburban beauty to get to the Sierra Club’s national summit in San Francisco a few years ago [picture omitted]

Ms. Malkin provides links to reports on what Ms. Huffington drives/flies (some links above, much more in her full post). By contrast, I found nothing in Bob Cesca's post or its links to indicate that he had made any effort to find out if the cars driven by the conservatives that he mentions actually guzzle more gas than Ms. Huffington's vehicles or whatever Mr. Cesca drives. Actual facts are irrelevant when one is making argument by projection.

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