Monday, November 12, 2007

UN warns of criminal irresponsibility!

The AP writes:
VALENCIA, Spain - The U.N.'s top climate official warned policymakers and scientists trying to hammer out a landmark report on climate change that ignoring the urgency of global warming would be "criminally irresponsible."

Yvo de Boer's comments came at the opening of a weeklong conference....

So, who is Yvo de Boer and what are his qualifications? According to the UN, he was appointed as the UN's top climate official by Kofi Annan and his background and education are presented as:
Born in Vienna, Yvo de Boer is married and has 3 children. As the son of a Dutch diplomat, he travelled the world extensively before entering boarding school in the United Kingdom and obtaining a technical degree in social work in the Netherlands.
So, the UN's top climate man who is assuring us about the certainty of the science has a degree in social work?

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