Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama celebrates a free lunch

In today's email from the Obama campaign:
Let everyone know: "I like Obamacare."

What's not to like? Obamacare means you won't have to pay out of pocket for preventive care like cancer screenings and birth control, insurance companies can no longer drop people when they get sick or refuse coverage for "pre-existing conditions," and women won't have to pay more just for being women.

Yes, if Obama wills it, then everything is free. At least, that is what Democrats believe.

It is frustrating and, at times, frightening that TINSTAAFL (there is no such thing as a free lunch) is not obvious to everyone.

RELATED on nomenclature hypocrisy: at Hot Air, Rob Bluey remembers the previous spin on the use of the word 'Obamacare':
Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said last July, “I take great offense when I hear the word ‘Obamacare.’ There is no such thing.” His colleague, Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-MO), called the word “purposefully provocative,” “misleading” and “unfair.”
For Democrats, it is always important to be outraged.

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