Sunday, June 17, 2007

NASA Priorities

The Bush administrations decision to have NASA focus on Mars exploration seems to have no end of bad consequences. According to an interview with Bill Proenza, the acting director of the National Weather Service, one of them is the failure to fund the replacement of aging weather satellites. The Miami Herald writes:
One of [Proenza's] main concerns has been the imminent demise of a key weather satellite called QuikScat, launched in 1999 and long past its designed lifetime.

No replacement currently is in development and the loss of QuikScat could diminish the accuracy of some hurricane forecasts by up to 16 percent, Proenza and other experts have said.....

Several forecasters and other staffers at the hurricane center have told The Miami Herald that they fully support Proenza, and his comments have earned compliments from many emergency managers and others.

Via Instapundit and Brendan Loy.

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