Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Greenland and global warming

Sen. Inhofe participated in the congressional trip to Greenland. Marc Morano of his staff put out an excellent summary of scientific research on the subject. Unlike global warming alarmists, his summary cites peer-reviewed scientific papers, names scientists, and provides many links. Conclusions include:
Recent research has found that Greenland has been warming since the 1880’s, but since 1955, temperature averages at Greenland stations have been colder than the period between 1881-1955.

A recent study concluded Greenland was as warm or warmer in the 1930’s and 40’s and the rate of warming from 1920-1930 was about 50% higher than the warming from 1995-2005. One 2005 study found Greenland gaining ice in the interior higher elevations and thinning ice at the lower elevations. In addition, the often media promoted fears of Greenland’s ice completely melting and a subsequent catastrophic sea level rise are directly at odds with the latest scientific studies.

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