Tuesday, August 07, 2007

bin Laden: real or photoshop?

Before Tora Bora, bin Laden seemed hungry for exposure and released tapes and videos quite frequently. Since Tora Bora, he has been heard in a few noisy audio tapes, several old videos that were re-released, and and one, short, supposedly new video. While noisy audio tapes are easy enough to fake, the new video, seemed to present stronger evidence that bin Laden survived the attack at Tora Bora. Now, however, Neal Krawetz, a researcher and computer security consultant, has developed a new analysis technique and he says that Al Qaeda video tapes are heavily edited with, for example, background images added or removed. This indicates that As-Sahab, Al Qaeda's media arm, has grown more sophisticated, and leaves open the possibility that bin Laden's last video was a fake.

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