Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Gov. Rendell has declared that Pennsylvania's Democrats are racist. (Of course, he doesn't say of this of the good Democrats. No, he says it is true of the "conservative white" wing of his party.) Susan Estrich, formerly Michael Dukakis' presidential campaign manager, sees the same problem:
We who are Democrats would like to believe that race is not a factor in the polling of our party members, but maybe we’re wrong.

No one doubts, or at least no one who is honest does, that both racism and sexism come into play as people decide between Clinton and Obama....

Bob Krumm has much more on the racism and sexism that Democrats believe is currently dividing their party.

VAGUELY RELATED: It is claimed that Democrats make accusations of racial vote suppression not because they are true but because they raise the turnout of their voters. Vote suppression allegedly was done by both the Clinton and Obama camps in the recent primaries. So, when Democrats accuse Republicans of vote suppression, there may be an element in it of psychological projection.

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