Friday, June 27, 2008

Repeat after me: Sen. Obama is not a flip-flopper

According to the NY Times (also printed in the IHT), Sen. Obama does not flip flop. Instead his path is "marked by artful leaps and turns." Obama takes "calibrated positions on the issues." He didn't flip flop on campaign finance. Instead "he backed away from his own earlier support for campaign finance spending limits in the 2008 election." This is a virtue because he shows "an appreciation for the virtues of political ambiguity." Such ambiguities show that Obama is "introspective":
Mr. Obama is an introspective candidate, and perhaps the best analyst of his own political style. “I serve as a blank screen,” he wrote in “The Audacity of Hope,” “on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views."
It is said that there is a fool born every minute but for some reason they always end up writing at the New York Times.

MORE on Obama's flip flopping at PowerLine and on the political mastery of his flip-flops at Being. On the other hand, a progressive finds Obama's trip to the center "disturbing."

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