Sunday, December 07, 2008

Proof that home barbecues cause global warming

With all the debate on global warming, you might have wondered how the US government actually measures surface temperatures. The official NOAA USHCN climate station for measuring temperatures in Fairbury, Nebraska is shown at right

The climate station is that off-white box on the pole in front of the tree. Next to the official climate station, you can see a parked car and a barbecue. Obviously, when the people who live in that house use their barbecue, or maybe they let their car idle, the climate station will record a higher temperature. The resulting temperature records are used by the government to prove that global warming is 'real.'

It would be nice if this was a joke. It isn't. The volunteers at have many such climate stations and documented their effect on 'global warming.' The temperature record for this station is discussed here. Many other such stations are documented by the excellent blog

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