Sunday, January 18, 2009

Global Warming and feelings

Val Kilmer is starring in an upcoming movie about global warming directed by Mark Lewis. Mr. Lewis explains his motivation:

”I think ultimately where this story comes from is the idea or, more accurately, the feeling of vulnerability,” Lewis told me during a recent e-mail conversation about the origins of The Thaw. ”The discussion eventually evolved into one about the vulnerability of our species and how we’re about to experience the wrath of Mother Nature as a result of global warming. Remaining faithful to our inspiration [an experience Thaw's co-writer’s girlfriend had with bed bugs], we chose to make Mother Nature’s device the most hideous parasite we could imagine.”

”The older I get, the more vulnerable I see people are (as individuals and communities). Global warming is a very scary part of our place in time on this revolving rock in the middle of God knows where. I consider it my job to translate, into a story, the emotions (in particular the fear) I’m experiencing around an issue..." [emphasis added]

Liberals seem to arrive at their believe in global warming through their inner insecurities/anxieties that drive "fear" and a "feeling of vulnerability."

By contrast with Director Lewis, Dr. William Happer, the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics at Princeton and the former head of the US DoE's Office of Energy Research is a scientist. He likens the believers in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) to a "religious cult." He is further concerned that the AGW cult will do damage to the name of science:
[Climate change theory has] been extremely bad for science. It’s going to give science a really bad name in the future,” he said. “I think science is one of the great triumphs of humankind, and I hate to see it dragged through the mud in an episode like this.”
Separately, over 30,000 scientists, including over 9,000 PhDs have signed this petition skeptical of global warming.

RELATED: A (UK) Telegraph columnist, Christopher Booker, sums up developments over the last year as "2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved."

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