Thursday, February 03, 2011

Liberals and their selective envy

Danny Lemieux, of the BookwormRoom, makes an observation after a family gathering with his lefty in-laws:
In conversations, a lot of resentment was directed at corporations, CEOs and their “disgusting and greedy” profits, salaries, benefits and bonuses. . . . .

However, what floors me, is that these same Liberal/Lefty in-laws seem to have no trouble accepting the extraordinary high incomes of a) sports figures and b) entertainment figures (newscasters, movie actors, television personalities, etc.).

Sports figures that play games to entertain, singers that…sing songs…, actresses that pretend to be people they aren’t (when they do work) and newscasters that read copy from teleprompters are idolized.

Corporate executives that manufacture services and products that improve our lives (drugs, fuel, cars, food, shelter, insurance, bank loans, etc.) are vilified.

Why is this the case? Any ideas? Please help to understand.

Yes, it is curious. Vapid actors earn more than business executives but liberals are only envious of the business executives?

To my mind, the explanation lies in the superficiality of liberal thought. Movie actors, newscasters, and TV personalities are chosen for their likability and their looks. If one doesn't focus on the fact that actors and newscasters are reading from a script, one might even think that they were intelligent. A liberal can imagine being friends with these people. By contrast, few liberals have any clue what business executives do, how much skill it takes, and how hard they actually work. More importantly to liberals, business executives are not chosen either for their looks or likability.

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