Friday, March 04, 2011

Left does $7.5 Million in damage to Wisconsin Capitol Building

WITI-TV reports on the damage done by supporters of Wisconsin's government-unions who have been protesting against Gov. Walker's reforms:
It could cost as much as $7.5 million to repair damage protesters have done to the Capitol Building marble say officials in Madison. Fixing posters to the marble with tape and glue appears to have done the bulk of the damage.

During testimony Thursday, a representative from the Attorney General's office said a contractor estimated it would cost $500,000 to remove all of the posters and garbage. He says it would cost $6 million to restore the marble inside of the Capitol building and another $1 million to touch up the marble outside of the building.

RELATED: A left-wing protester has been arrested for allegedly making bomb threats against a business where Gov. Walker had just spoken.

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