Saturday, May 21, 2011

San Franciscans prepare for The Rapture

People from around the San Francisco Bay Area gathered at the headquarters of Family Radio International, home to evangelist Harold Camping who had predicted that today would be The Rapture, the day when the souls of the faithful would rise up to heaven. On this day of spirituality, one man saw the opportunity for profit:
"Can I have your stuff tomorrow?"

Concerned that not all the worthy would rise to heaven on their own, some provided help using the laws of physics. Here is Sponge Bob Square Pants experiencing the joy-of-rapture via a helium-assist.
Santa Claus arrived and passed out the favored drink of true-believers, Kool-Aid. Some people couldn't get enough:
Also there in force were members of the Calvary Bible Church of Milpitas, CA. Some thumped bibles, some preached, and some just went about the prosaic mission of poaching from the soon to be disappointed members of Rev. Camping's flock to expand their own:
The message of the Calvary Church seemed to be that the judgment day was coming soon, just not today.

Others took a different approach to finding the truth:
The sign in the center above is "Science: we won't make a fool of you." On the left, the sign reads "The Bill is Nye." Apparently, Bill Nye, the Science Guy, has a fan. Showing the diversity present at this gathering, the woman on the right places her faith in British science fiction.

Not everyone appreciated the fun. This reporter, Lisa Amin Gulezian from ABC News, Channel 7, could not help but look down her nose at the gathering:
While the Family Radio International offices were closed today (why work when The Rapture is nigh?), some of Rev. Camping's followers were present, including this man with the "repent now" sign:
Anticipating that there would be a tomorrow, he told those assembled that Rev. Camping's numbers were merely approximate and that, while Rapture may not be today, it will be sometime soon. (That interpretation is not in keeping with the Church's website which, as of this writing, still reads "Judgment Day, May 21, 2011, the Bible guarantees it!")

Why didn't God call the faithful to heaven today? One group was their to proclaim it was because of Gay Pride:

All in all, a good time was had.

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