Monday, June 20, 2011

Profiting from goods the TSA confiscates from travelers

If the TSA confiscated property from you at an airport security checkpoint, you might be able to buy it back from a store such as the Texas State Surplus Store at 6506 Bolm Road, off U.S. 183. Among many other items, the store has lots of snow globes because they violate TSA regs on liquids.  The Austin Statesman reports:
Thus, rows and rows of snow globes sit at the surplus store, which gets its inventory not only from state surplus but also from items that were left behind or confiscated — "We say willfully surrendered," said cashier Roberta Siller — at airport security checkpoints in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Waco, El Paso and other small airports.In the five years this store has been open, its plane-related inventory has soared because of heightened security, according to director James Barrington. The airport stuff takes up most of one small room at the store. In 2010, the state's general fund was enriched $300,000 by the storefront's sales.
"willfully surrendured"? That is a creative euphenism.

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pattaya holiday packages said...

Who would willfully surrender an item that they have taken so much time and effort in bringing in? I just hope the money they get from selling these stuff goes to a good cause.

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