Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Civilization suicide watch: Greece

The socialists running Greece have run out of money.  Rather than cut their budget as necessary, they are begging for bailouts from Europe's more fiscally-responsible nations.   Rather than appreciating the offer of bailouts, they are comparing their benefactors to Nazis.  Reuters reports:

Germany, the euro zone's largest economy, has been playing a key role in trying to prevent Europe's Greece-spurred debt crisis from spiraling.  The "troika" unites the EU, IMF and the European Central Bank, which is headquartered in Frankfurt.

[A] cartoon from last month shows a soldier atop Venizelos asking why lists of names for the "Labour Reserve" remain empty, nodding at Greece's new austerity law which wants 30,000 state workers put aside. They will be laid off permanently if no other public sector job is found for them within a year.

In the cartoon, a young Greek answers the soldier: "They are empty as you exterminated the Communists, the Jews, the homosexuals, the gypsies and the crazies last time," in an obvious swipe comparing the "troika" to Nazis.

It seems obvious, to adults anyway, that, when you've run out of money, it is time to stop spending.  Neither Greeks nor Democrats seem to understand that.

After all the challenges that mankind has overcome, will civilization be brought down by liberals' innumeracy?

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