Sunday, January 01, 2012

The dumbing down of America

The Obama administration is floating the idea that the government should prohibit employers from requiring job applicants to have a high school diploma.  For each individual applicant who is a high school dropout, the Obama administration proposes [full text here] requiring the employer to follow a process to "determine whether a particular applicant whose learning disability
prevents him from [graduating high school] can perform the essential functions of the
job, with or without a reasonable accommodation."

The bottom line is that, if implemented, this will be very expensive for employers.  Whether an employer chooses to (a) implement a complicated procedures for each dropout who applies, or (b)  hire high school dropouts where they used to hire high school graduates, or (c) retain lawyers to defend the employer from discrimination lawsuits, this will waste a lot of money.   Economically rational employers may decide simply to move operations offshore.

The Washington Times has more on this action by the EEOC.

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