Saturday, September 01, 2012

Music for a Tea Party

Here is BeBe Winans singing "America, America," the title track from his new album:

Winans sang "America, the Beautiful" at the 2012 RNC convention in Tampa:

Singing at the Republican Convention was not without consequence. Winans is a registered Democrat who has campaigned for Pres. Obama and was scheduled to sing at the Democrat Convention next week. Because of his appearance in Tampa, however, the Democrats withdrew their invitation. The Washington Post reports:
But as for BeBe Winans? A registered Democrat, the gospel/R&B star sang at the 2004 Democratic convention and later campaigned for President Obama. But he gladly took the unpaid gig when invited by the RNC to sing on the convention’s closing night.

“I want to remind people that before any association with any party that we’re all Americans,” he told us. “No matter who wins, if we don’t come together and really invest in the country we love, we’re not going to solve the problems.”

Winans said he alerted the RNC that he would likely be singing at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, too, and that they had no problems with that.

Oh, and is he set to sing at the Democratic convention?

“I was, but the invitation was taken back,” Winans said. Oooh. “No hard feelings,” he added.
Remember this the next time a liberal wants to lecture you on "tolerance" or "diversity."

Hat tip: Powerline.

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