Monday, May 13, 2013

History repeating itself: Hillary's tall tales

If Hillary's behavior toward Benghazi seems strange, consider the travel office scandal from 1993.   In search of patronage jobs, Hillary ordered that the travel office staff be fired: WH head administrator David Watkins quoted her as saying "We need those people out. We need our people in. We need the slots.''   The firing occurred despite the fact that many of those fired had worked steadily in the WH for decades serving many presidents.

The firing of the travel office staff was not in anyway a crime: it was perfectly legal.

Yet, for the Clintons, that wasn't enough.  In a Nixonian abuse of governmental power, White House pressure led to the prosecution of one of the travel member of the office, Billy Dale, on trumped up charges, charges that were quickly dismissed by the jury.

So it appears to be with Benghazi.  The administration could simply have claimed to have made the best decisions they could based on the information from Libya available at the time while condemning the Monday-morning quarterbacks.  Instead, they concocted a ridiculous story about a movie protest.

Why take such extraordinary steps to cover up something that was legal to begin with?  We have all known kids whose first instinct, when caught with a hand in the cookie jar, was to lie.    Hillary seems to be one of those kids who just never grew out of it.

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