Friday, September 20, 2013

Why is the President so ill-informed?

Pres. Obama's fact-challenged and hyper-partisan rhetoric is well-known.  We now know where he comes by it: the only paper he reads is the New York Times and he obsesses over its editorials.  The HuffingtonPost reports:
[T]he Obama White House has long seemed particularly interested in getting its point of view across in the Times, and the president has said he reads all the paper's columnists. In April, a former adviser said the Times is the only paper Obama reads.

In his book, [ editor Richard] Wolffe describes how after each negative Times editorial, "the president would summon his communications team to discuss the critical coverage." He also included a 2011 anecdote about the White House communications team wondering whether calling Rosenthal through the Times' directory would lead to an announcement over the paper's general PA system. (It wouldn’t.) [Emph. added]
Hat tip: Instapundit, Ed Driscoll, and Breitbart.

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