Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mass transit: when liberalism meets reality

Despite the mountains of subsidies they receive, buses account for a mere 3% of passenger-miles traveled.  They get those subsidies because Democrats love the idea of mass transit.  The reality is something else.  In the (Toronto) National Post, for example, one liberal discusses his awakening:
“I used to be a big supporter of the streetcar until I started riding it every day,” said Steve Tartaglia, who regularly rides the streetcar from Liberty Village to King and Adelaide.  He called his commute an “absolute circus.”
Illustrating the problems, other riders quoted in the article mentioned "rude drivers, overcrowding, frequent short turns, breakdowns, blockages, bunching and extra-long wait times" as well as human feces in the seats.

No amount of government funding will make this system work well.

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