Sunday, August 27, 2006

Half of a clue

Staci Schoff grew up in Republican states. At blogcritics,org, she writes to Democrats about it. Unusual among Democrats, she tries, at least superficially, to understand the other side. She explains, for example:
When discussing homosexuality, you’ll find most rural and working class folks firmly in the “mind your own business” camp. But suggest the public schools use their tax money to “educate” their children about it, and I’m afraid all bets are off.
Democrats often taking a winning issue, such as "equal rights," and convert it into some strange caricature of itself as, in this case, insisting on instructing kindergartners in sexual details.

She also comments on the Democrat's naive view of their party:

I’ve never met a rural or working class person who doesn’t know that Republicans cater to rich conservatives. But what they also know (and evidently liberal journalists do not) is that the Democratic party caters to rich liberals.
Good point. Democrats support the death tax but they support it in a way that allows Warren Buffett, the USA's 2nd richest person, to pass on most of his estate tax-free.

She also seems to understand something about the news media that eludes most Democratic commentators:

I like to read Mother Jones for the same reason a conservative person likes to watch Fox News, because I often nod my head in agreement or learn something I didn’t already know that seems perfectly reasonable. Not because I need to be told what to think.
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