Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Perceptions of Bias and Biased Perceptions

Bob Laurence, the TV critic at San Diego Union-Tribune, explains why the two Fox News journalists kidnapped in Gaza are getting so little media attention:
Fox has deliberately set itself apart from other news media. Starting at the top with Roger Ailes, the Fox sales pitch has been to deride other media, to declare itself the one source of the real truth, the sole source of 'fair and accurate' news reporting.
Maybe I don't watch enough TV but I don't remember Fox claiming any of these things. I suspect that Mr. Laurence hasn't watched much of Fox either because he apparently doesn't know that the Fox slogan is "fair and balanced" not "fair and accurate."

While Mr. Laurence's anger at Fox may very well be genuine, the reason for that anger must be something other than what he has claimed.

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