Saturday, September 09, 2006

Refugees and Islam

Blogger Isaac Schrödinger, a native of Pakistan and now a critic of Islam, is applying to Canada to immigrate as a refugee. Canada is not yet convinced: On the "Claim Description" part of the Screening Form, the Canadian immigration officer wrote:
Fear is unspecified/unclear appears to fear persecution because of his anti-Islamic views.
Traditionally, apostates to Islam were given the death penalty. However, it appears to be rarely enforced in modern times: three Christians have been arrested Afghanistan, for example, in recent few months but one has released and the other two have not yet received a sentence. So is apostasy against Islam a sufficient reason for refugee status?

A complication is that doing what is right for one person is not always good policy for everyone. It could, for example, make refugee laws into open admission for anyone who adopted an easy claim to being an apostate from Islam.

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