Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sen. Clinton dissents

While art and movies on the assassination of Pres. Bush are popular on the left, Sen. Clinton stakes out a contrary opinion:
"I think it's despicable," Clinton said of "Death of a President," a fictional film that features a staged assassination of the president in 2007. "I think it's absolutely outrageous. That anyone would even attempt to profit on such a horrible scenario makes me sick."
It will be interesting to see if this hurts her in the 2008 Democratic primaries.

UPDATE: 'Death of a President' wins the Fipresci prize at the Toronto film festival with the jury praising its telling a "larger truth."

UPDATE: Dr. Sanity comments on the "larger truth" angle of this movie:

When people "distort reality" and have the delusion that by doing so they are revealing a "larger truth"--we tend to refer to them as mentally ill; and, in general do not give them awards for such behavior....

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