Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Reuters thinks that terrorists are opposed to violence

From today's BotW:

Violently Opposed to Violence

Reuters has a couple of amusing photos from a mass gathering in the Palestinian territories. This one shows a guy brandishing a rifle in his right hand and shaking his left fist. At least one more rifle is visible among the crowd walking behind him. This one shows another guy, holding a rocket-propelled-grenade launcher. Both photos have the same caption:

Palestinians attend a demonstration against violence in Gaza April 23, 2007.

We've often noted that many so-called pacifists seem to have a taste for tumult, but only in Palestinistan would a peace protester carry an RPG launcher. Or should we say only in Reuterville?

Previously, this blog noted the ease with which Islamist propaganda enters the "unbiased" MSM here and here. Also, on a related subject: Peace activists turn violent

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