Monday, April 02, 2007

Sayet's theory of liberalism

As a former writer for Bob Maher, Even Sayet knows Hollywood and knows modern liberals. After 9/11, he supported America and this put him at odds with Hollywood liberals. He has evidently put a lot of thought into how liberals think. He spoke on this for 48 minutes this video. I cannot do full justice to his ideas in this brief post, but I will attempt to summarize his theory, which is not mine, of how liberals think as follows:
  1. Liberals believe that, since wars and injustice still exist, therefore Western thought, tradition, religion, and civilization have failed. Therefore Western thought, tradition, religion, and civilization should be rejected. The idea that anything about the West is right should be rejected. So, the opposite should be endorsed. Given a choice between Arafat and Israel, reject Israel and elevate Arafat. Given a choice between advocating teenage abstinence and teenage promiscuity, advocate teenage promiscuity. Consequences, whether pregnancy or AIDs or simply time not spent studying, are not to be considered.
  2. All journalism, according to liberals, should to be devoted to de-valuing America. Thus, while the misbehavior of a handful guards one night in an obscure prison in Iraq would normally be a non-story except that it makes America look bad. Therefore the New York Times made it a front page story for 44 days in a row.
  3. Standards for aesthetics, according to liberals, should be rejected. There is no way in a rational world that a jar of urine with a cross in it is beautiful. But, if that jar attacks Western religion, then, to a liberal, it is worthy of being shown in our best museums.
  4. America is not fighting for democracy in Iraq because, according to liberals, America cannot be doing "good." Therefore, it is a "war for oil." For a liberal, no further proof is necessary.
  5. Liberals believe that all rational thought is bigotry. Whatever your reasons, your conclusion must be the result of your bigotry. Therefore rational thought is discrimination and must be rejected. Thus, at airports, we must not discriminate: we must pretend that the next terrorist is as likely to be an 87-year old Swedish grandmother as a Syrian shouting Allah Aqbar at the boarding gate. Anything else is seen as evil discrimination.
  6. Liberals hold dear the lessons that they learned in kindergarten. In kindergarten, they said "Don't hit." Therefore, war is bad. They taught that cooperation is good. Therefore, as every kindergartener who raises money for Unicef knows, the UN is good. Others have since learned about the failures of the UN. Liberals have also learned much since kindergarten but it doesn't affect their conclusions. They simply choose not to use that information.
  7. If discrimination is bad, any opinion different from a liberal's involves discrimination and is evil. Therefore Bush is Hitler. They don't think about a conservative's positions and stances. They don't need to. They know that conservatives "discriminate" and that is all they need to know.
  8. If something is a failure, it must have failed only because it was discriminated against. Therefore the failure is good and the good is evil.
Watch the whole thing.

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