Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What is the victim status of your identity group?

Maureen Dowd explains how Democrats should choose between Senators Obama and Clinton:
People will have to choose which of America’s sins are greater, and which stain will have to be removed first. Is misogyny worse than racism, or is racism worse than misogyny?
Apparently, for Ms. Dowd, Senators Obama and Clinton should not be evaluated as individuals because identity politics trumps all.

UPDATE: The group victim status debate continues at 'Feminist Philosphers' blog which writes:

Katha Pollitt endorses a view close to a problematic one of Gloria Steinem’s; namely, that sexism in the USA is worse than racism. We’ve discussed this claim before; it should be rejected.

PREVIOUSLY, Democrats have used group identity to decide guilt or innocence in legal cases while feminist Kate Michelman struggled with then overcame her identity issues to vote for Obama.

Hat tip: Pickerhead

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