Sunday, August 10, 2008

Left wing activists oppose science violently

Two UC Santa Cruz scientists, who had been targeted by animal rights activists, were attacked with firebombs last week. One attack caused a fire at a Professor's house. Damage was limited because of his sprinkler system but, since the professor's family was inside the house at the time, the FBI classifies this attack as an attempted homicide. These attacks come after an attempted home invasion at another UCSC researcher's house last February. The FBI has suspects.

The left has had some success stopping science this way. For example, as the LA Times reports, "[i]n 2006, a UCLA neurobiology professor announced that he was stopping his primate research because of harassment and threats to his family."

PREVIOUS attempts by the left to stop science include (peaceful) opposition to research on the relationship between hormones and homosexual behavior
and attempts to stop research into the effects of affirmative action.

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