Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A look at the "scientists" at the UN climate conference in Cancun

At the UN's Cancun conference, the good people at CFACT circulated a petition to "destabilize the US economy."  The climate extremists at the UN had no problem with that goal.  Watch as the conference participants to sign it:

At 1:03 in the video, they switch to a petition to ban DiHydrogen MonOxide, DHMO.  (DHMO is, of course, H2O which is natural water). They explain, quite truthfully, that "DHMO contributes to the greenhouse effect, it is a major substance in acid rain, fatal if inhaled, contributes to the erosion of natural landscapes.... Basically, it is used in nuclear power plants, production of styrofoam, fire retardant, pesticides, and cruel animal research."

Note CFACT's impressive attention to detail: one of their people was drinking a from a cup of water (DHMO) while the delegates were signing the petition to ban DHMO.

For the left facts seem irrelevant.  What counts is the sound of words.  "DHMO" sounds frightening.  That DHMO is used in cooling systems in nuclear power plants makes it sound even more frightening.  The fact that DHMO is water and we would die of thirst without it is not relevant.

WattsUpWithThat shows the Penn and Teller spoof on DiHydrogen Monoxide for comparison.  (Hat tip: CoyoteBlog.)

RELATED:  You have likely read by now about the UN delegates calling for rationing as the solution to global warming.  Here is a video of the UN Cancun conference opening night party.  Note the lack of rationing:

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