Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama and "Critical Legal Studies"

I hadn't heard of "Critical Legal Studies" but Professors Reynolds and Althouse had. For those of us who aren't law professors, Rush explains the concept:
Now, speaking of Obama's academic record, he attended Harvard Law School at the height of something that it was promoting, education technique or a theory. It was called critical legal studies. Critical legal studies was in its ascendancy at Harvard Law when Obama was there. You can look it up. Just Google critical legal studies. It is out and out Marxism.

In a nutshell, critical legal studies claims that law is just politics by other means. It is a way for the rich to keep the poor working man down and deny him opportunities for prosperity. That is what Obama was taught at Harvard and based on what he believes and is doing it looks to me like he probably did get good grades. Look it up if you want. Critical legal studies. Law is just politics by other means.

This neatly explains Pres. Obama's approach to law and government and certainly fits with his advocacy of gangster government.

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