Thursday, April 14, 2011

For liberals, everything is about race, gender, or class

Regarding classes taught at Bowdoin College:

“There are any number of courses that deal with some group aspect of America, but virtually none that deals with America as a whole. For example, there is African-American history from 1619 to 1865 and from 1865 to the present, but there is no comparable sequence on America. Every course is social or cultural history that looks at the world through the prism of race, class, and gender. Even a course on the environment (offered in the history department) “examines the links between ecology and race, class, and gender.” Do Bowdoin alumni know their alma mater offers not one history course in American political, military, diplomatic, constitutional, or intellectual history, and nothing at all on the American Founding or the Constitution; that the one Civil War course is essentially African-American history (it is offered also in Africana Studies); and that there are more courses on gay and lesbian subjects than on American history? Is it possible this is one reason why some conservatives are disinclined to send their children to Bowdoin? Mr. (Barry) Mills (president of Bowdoin) did not inquire." [Emph. added]

--- Thomas D. Klingenstein,

Excerpt from “A Golf Story,” Claremont Review of Books,

Winter/Spring 2010-2011

From MindingTheCampus, via Instapundit.

UPDATE: Scott Johnson reviews the controversy that Mr. Klingenstein essay has generated.

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