Friday, November 04, 2011

Media Matters caught again

Regarding James Taranto's column yesterday at the Wall Street Journal, MediaMatters writes:
Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto joined the onslaught of conservative media figures downplaying or dismissing sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain as "meaningless" or not "a real thing." Fox News has repeatedly hosted guests to talk down the allegations and push the claim that "so many" sexual harassment cases may be "frivolous."
The quotes above are fabricated: "meaningless", "[not] a real thing", and  "frivolous" did not appear in Taranto's column.

The underlying claim of the MadHatters MediaMatters piece is also wrong.  Taranto did not claim that the allegations against Cain were any of those things.  He merely stated, correctly, that, so far, there is not enough information released to go beyond a "maybe".

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