Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creeping fascism

Two items:
  1. After reviewing the role of MediaMatters in the firing of Juan Williams from NPR, Prof. Jacobson observes (hat tip: Instapundit):
    No conservatives are trying to prevent people from appearing on NPR, but liberal interest groups and their media outlets are trying to prevent people from appearing on Fox News.

    There is a real threat to freedom in this country, and it does not come from conservatives. Media Matters is just the symptom, not the disease. [Emph. added]

  2. After reviewing Justice Department misbehavior in the New Black Panther case, John Hinderaker observes:
    It would be interesting to poll that question. How many Americans do you suppose think it is OK for an American to have to squeeze past billy club-wielding thugs in order to cast a ballot? Outside the Obama administration, I would guess the answer is close to zero. There is an interesting parallel to card-check, the Union Thug Empowerment Act. The Obama administration also thinks it is a great idea to abolish the secret ballot in union elections, so that thugs can threaten unwilling workers and coerce them into voting for the union. The Obama administration embraces not only the ends, but also the means of national socialism. [Emph. added]

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