Monday, October 11, 2010

Obama lied; the environment died

Environmentalists are furious that Government Motors lied about the Chevy Volt.  Jalopnik writes:
In the past, and based on GM's claims, we've gone so far as to call the Volt GM's "Jesus Car." And why wouldn't we call it that? We were told the Volt would achieve 230 MPG fuel economy and would always use the electric drivetrain to motivate the wheels — only using the onboard gasoline engine as a "range extender" for charging the batteries. It now turns out that not only were those fuel economy claims misleading, but the gasoline engine is actually used to motivate the wheels — making the Volt potentially nothing more than a very advanced hybrid car and pushing some automotive journalists like Scott Oldham at to claim "GM lied to the world" about it.
Curiously, you can read the entire article and not find one mention that those liars at GM are working for Pres. Obama.

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