Sunday, October 31, 2010

The paranoid style of American liberalism

Is it possible for a person to have an honest disagreement with left-wing philosophy?  Not according to Rachel Maddow.  Andrew Furguson reports on an interview she did on MSNBC with New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer:
“In many places,” Mayer told Maddow in a back-scratching interview, the Tea Party movement “has been considered a spontaneous uprising that came from nowhere.” In fact, it is merely one of the Kochs’ “stealth attacks launched on the federal government, and on the Obama administration in particular.” Maddow summed up the theme of top-down manipulation: “Tea partiers who attended these rallies, particularly the early ones, were essentially instructed to rally against things like climate change by billionaire oil tycoons [Charles and David Koch].”
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