Monday, August 27, 2012

3 years and the world has changed

On Thursday, a reporter from Investor's Business Daily called Tea Party leader Sally Zelikovsky to ask her about the NobamaNevada project that he had read about in this post on Instapundit.  I find this notable for two reasons:
  1. Major newspapers are now covering innovative Tea Party projects. A mere three years ago, we were ignored.
  2. Major newspapers get news by reading Instapundit. Blogs are now leading the news cycle.
The Investor's Business Daily article came out today and describes four Tea Party projects that are organizing volunteers to go to swing states to get out the vote:
  • NobamaNevada is a joint project of two California Tea Party groups, Sally Zelikovsky's Bay Area Patriots and MyLiberty. While Romney and Obama may fundraise in California, neither will be campaigning here: California is a safe blue state that Obama will win. Neighboring Nevada, however, is a swing-state and the NobamaNevada project is organizing California volunteers to go to Nevada to precinct walk. Trips to Nevada do double duty: they will support both Romney and GOP Senator Heller.
  • Volunteers for Virginia is similar but opposite: it is gathering volunteers from safe red-states to go to the swing-state of Virginia. They will register voters and precinct walk for Romney and GOP Senate candidate George Allen.
  • Sumner United For Responsible Government is gathering volunteers from Tennessee to go to the swing state of Ohio.
  • Paint Florida Red project is organizing Alabama residents to precinct walk in support of Romney in Florida.
Get-out-the-vote efforts on the other side are dominated by well-heeled unions.  On the GOP side, this is something new.

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