Thursday, August 16, 2012

How much damage can one man do to his country?

There is the damage that Obama has done to the economy with his war on business. There is the damage that he has done to the rule of law with his "gangsta government." There is his support of extremist ("Muslim Brotherhood") takeovers in Libya and Egypt. In all this, we should not forget the damage he has done to our military and intelligence operations:
"I was appalled first to hear the secrets that I have spent over 25 years protecting: the cover name of the unit, the actual name of the special mission unit, the location of the special mission unit, all reported in the same sentence. Not only did they identify the special mission unit, we had tactics, techniques, and procedures that were compromised. They even knew the name of the dog that was on the operation." —Col. Jamie Williamson (Ret.)

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