Thursday, November 01, 2012

Lost electrical power? The storm may be the immediate cause but the blame lies with the environmentalists

According to CNN, Hurricane Sandy has left 4.8 million people without power now and millions will continue to lack power into the weekend.  Why can't we transfer power from other parts of the electrical grid to help restore power to those in need of heat or hot water?  That is where the environmentalists come into it.  Back in 2002, the Department of Energy released a National Transmission Grid Study detailing what needed to be done to create a reliable power network.  Environmentalists immediately opposed it.  How strongly did Democrats oppose Bush era energy policies?  The LA Times reported on Sen. Reid's reaction back in 2001:
Even before it has been released, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called the Bush energy plan a "recipe for disaster" and stressed that "Democrats will throw themselves on the train tracks" to stop it.
Years later, in 2009, the American Society of Civil Engineers summarized the situation and still placed the blame for slow progress on politics:
Some progress in grid reinforcement has been made since 2005, but public and government opposition, difficult permitting processes, and environmental requirements are often restricting the much-needed modernization.
The situation will change only when we find a way to hold environmentalists responsible for the damage that their policies cause.

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Marathon Energy said...

I don't think that holding environmentalists responsible for the damage that was caused would solve anything at all however I do think they were in the wrong but they aren't responsible no one is it is just something that happened.

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