Saturday, November 17, 2012

“They’re starting to realize white people are human beings just like us.”

Racial divisions are quite strong in the US.   Pastor Joseph Lowery, a favorite of Obama, says that all whites will go to Hell.  Churches that subscribe to Black Liberation Theology, such as Obama's old church in Chicago, take it a step further: they preach that whites are demonic.

Occasionally there are small points of hope.  In New York, volunteers are lending a helping hand to those who live in the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.  The New York Times sent a reporter to one such devastated area, the housing project in Brooklyn known as Red Hook Houses.  This (hat tip: Instapundit) is what she found:
Stung not only by pervasive income inequality, but also by the steady march of gentrification in this once-derelict area, some here found it hard to accept aid from the same apple-cheeked young people pricing out longtime residents of the neighborhood. 

But realizing that this demographic group, long held up as the villain in the tale of life in the projects, could care, was just as hard for some residents. 

“They’ve been talking about white people as bad for so long, they feel shaky, embarrassed,” Al Pagan, 46, who lives in the Red Hook Houses, said as he watched the volunteers help his neighbors. “They’re starting to realize white people are human beings just like us.” [Emph. added]
That is a small step forward.  Imagine how much progress could be made if America had a post-racial President.

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