Friday, December 21, 2012

Democrat pleads guilty to vote fraud

Rep. Smith, D-MA
The Boston Globe reports:
A Democratic state representative from Everett who served on an election law committee is resigning his seat and will plead guilty to voter fraud charges in federal court in ­Boston, authorities said Thursday.

Representative Stephen “Stat” Smith, 57, faces up to two years in prison, and prosecutors will recommend a six-month sentence, according to his plea agreement. Smith has also agreed to vacate his seat, effective Jan. 1, and not seek elective office for five years from the date of his sentencing. A plea date has not been set.
According to an FBI press release, State Rep. Smith (D-Massachusetts) schemed with others to use the absentee ballot system both to steal votes from unsuspecting legal voters and to submit fraudulent votes from unqualified voters.
Smith is alleged to have cast invalid absentee ballots in support of his races for public office for voters who were ineligible or otherwise unaware of ballots being cast in their names. Smith submitted fraudulent Massachusetts Official Absentee Applications, which resulted in the issuance of absentee ballots. Smith was able to obtain many of the absentee ballots and cause them to be delivered to the ineligible voters, who would then cast votes despite lacking any eligibility to do so, or Smith would cast the ballots himself. For those absentee ballots issued to unaware voters, one or more government officials assisted Smith in intercepting the ballots prior to their delivery to the voters’ addresses, and those ballots were cast for the unaware voters.
From his 100% rating from the AFL/CIO and a D- from the NRA, Smith's politics appear to be on the left-end of the Democrat party.

Meanwhile, liberals, such as Jon Stewart, publicly claim that incidents of vote fraud are as rare as Unicorns.

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