Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Some sequester dishonesty

Obama's "Organizing for Action" group is sending around this graphic (click on it for a larger view):
The graphic is originally from Center for American Progress (click here) which based it on a House Democrat report (click here, PDF).  The dollar amounts are in millions.  The time span is ten years.

Let's just look at the left-most bar which claims that a $97 million cut over ten years will increase homelessness by "100,000."  That number is straight out of the House Democrat report (p.20) which says:
"Further cuts to Homeless Assistance Grants will mean that about 100,000 people won't be housed next year."   
Now, do the math: the  $97M spending cut amounts to a mere $8 per homeless person per month: 97 million / 100,000 people / 10 years / 12 months per year = $8.   Obviously, there is no way that they are "housing" anyone for that.  It is a fraud.

The larger scam is that US deficits are in the trillion dollar per year range while the whole graphic is about only $320 million per year.  So, the whole graphic is about 0.03% of the deficit.

RELATED:  Even the Washington Post's liberal fact checker has noticed that Obama's telling falsehoods about the sequester.

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