Friday, April 05, 2013

More on FDR and anti-Semitism

Although he started out being quite popular with Jews, Franklin D. Roosevelt's reputation has been sinking with continued revelations.  See, for example, this 1994 Newsweek review of a PBS documentary.   Some of the criticism of FDR seems unfair. He is, for example, faulted for not devoting more Allied bombing raids to attacks against German railroads leading to Auschwitz and other death camps. Bombing railroads, however, particularly with WWII technology, was of limited value: bombs were unlikely to hit a railroad and even if they did, railroads could be quickly and cheaply repaired. Nevertheless, questions continue. The latest allegations are from historian Rafael Medoff. He was interviewed by The Daily Caller:
“In his private, unguarded moments, FDR repeatedly made unfriendly remarks about Jews, especially his belief that Jews were overrepresented in many professions and exercised too much influence and control on society,” Medoff told The Daily Caller in an email about his new book, “FDR and the Holocaust: A Breach of Faith.”

“This prejudice helped shape his overall vision of what America should look like — and it was a vision with room for only a small number of Jews who, he said, should be ‘spread out thin.’
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