Thursday, May 07, 2009

Needing to hate

GayPatriot, who listened to Andrew Breitbart address the Republican Jewish Coalition in Santa Monica last night, writes:

Breitbart contended that the left’s bullying of people like Carrie Prejean is a strategy to intimidate and discredit such adversaries. Leah pointed out that even after the Democrats swept to power last fall and have taken office this past January, their supporters on the blogs (and in the comments sections to conservative blogs) and sometimes even in the corridors of Congress and halls of the White House have become even more mean-spirited, more antagonistic, more vindictive than they were when they were out of power.

They do seem to have this “need” to hate, to attack conservatives. In victory, they have shown no magnanimity.

So, I’m wondering, is this hatred a strategy to discredit us and more easily maintain their power or a neurosis, a psychological “need” to attack others so they feel better about themselves?

In my opinion, since it does not appear to be under rational control or guidance, I'd say the hate is a neurosis.

On the other hand, BlueCrabBoulevard finds evidence of some coordination and control.

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