Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Obama supports "torture"

The Obama administration has rejected accused Nazi John Demjanjuk's claim that his extradition to Germany would subject him to torture:
"All of Demjanjuk's submissions should be denied, as they are based on speculation, erroneous assumptions, and frivolous claims that legitimate German legal proceedings against him are designed to cause him suffering and would subject him to torture," the Office of Special Investigations said in a statement on Friday. "He cannot meet his burden of proving that it is more likely than not that he would face torture if removed to Germany and his motions and application therefore must fail.‬"
The Obama administration, however, has declared that sleep deprivation, practiced by evil Bush, is "torture." (or should I write it as "Torture!!!!!!")  Extradition to Germany would require an intercontinental flight.  Few people find such flights conducive to sleep.  So, clearly such a flight is likely to inflict sleep deprivation and therefore "torture."  Demjanjuk claims poor health which, if true, would make the "torture" even worse.

Furthermore, has Obama's DoJ investigated German prisons sufficiently to assure us that they are quiet, peaceful, and conducive to a good night's sleep?  No such claim is made.  Therefore, confinement to German prisons is, in all likelihood,"torture."

Will anyone stop Pres. Obama's cruel and inhuman treatment of prisoners?

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