Monday, May 04, 2009

More fraud in Global Warmist research?

One of the debates in the global warming field is whether the temperature increases seen near the center of cities is due to global warming or merely to local heat-island effects.  Prof. W. C. Wang of SUNY-Buffalo has published papers claiming (PDF) that the heat-island effect is small:
The results show that the urbanization influence in two of the most widely used hemispheric data sets is, at most, an order of magnitude less than the warming seen on a century timescale.
Upon questioning, it turns out that this conclusion is based on data that cannot be found.  You can read about the official fraud investigation here and here

PREVIOUSLY, fraudulent data at NASA was discussed here.  Falsehoods in Al Gore's inconvenient truth were discussed here.  The emotional appeal of global warming to the left was discussed here.

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