Friday, May 01, 2009

CNN criticizes Obama not

With Pres. Obama in office and not facing an election for years, the "unbiased" media feels the situation is safe enough to criticize him. Their criticisms, however, remain ever so tame. In CNN's "top ten faux pas" list (they cannot bring themselves to call a gaffe list), there are such insignificant, irrelevant, and forgettable actions as Obama's hitting his head entering a helicopter mixed in with lots of rhetoric about Republicans being worse. Omri Ceren compares what CNN omits with what it includes:

Nothing about the tragicomic Gordon Brown DVD fiasco or on getting the Queen an iPod, both of which kept getting better and better as the DVDs turned out to be the wrong format and the iPod gift was megalomanical even by this President's standards.

Nothing about insisting to Austrians that they speak a language that exists only in Obama's mind. Nothing about visibly demonstrating to Iraqi troops that he has no idea what the different units in Iraq are. They might even have included the Freeman nomination and the Durban II trainwreck, though I can see how those were less "amateur hour gaffes" and more "shots across the neoconservative bow."

Oh - and then there was that $328,000 Manhattan photo op that the White House signed off on after being told it "might set off nightmarish fears of a 9/11 replay?" It happened a day before this list came out yet somehow never came up.

But tender clips of the First Daughters? Check. A montage of the the White House puppy? Check. 10 seconds of shamelessly goofing on Bush before delivering the list in a skeptical "these are what count as gaffes now" tone? Checkity ... check. Because even when The One deigns to mingle among mere mortals, his human bumbling merely makes his divinity more pronounced. More like an allegorical Bacchus than a Christ figure, but still thoroughly worthy of worship.

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