Thursday, May 07, 2009

Newsweek wants Star Trek politicized

In a review of the new Star Trek prequel, Newsweek complains that the show isn't liberal ("progressive") enough:
All the character quirks are there, and the Enterprise is rendered more realistically than ever, but what's missing are the typically progressive politics and moral dilemmas that made the original "Trek" more than a space-age adventure show and helped earn it legions of ardent fans. [emph. added]
Liberal movies, however, tend to be unpopular at the box office.

Also, the original series was not left-wing. In one episode, a peace activist is the cause for the Nazi's winning World War II. In another, nitwit ambassador, filled with rhetoric about diplomacy and understanding, nearly causes the deaths of everyone on board the enterprise: by the end of the episode, though, he sees the light, picks up a phaser, and starts defending the crew. In another, naive hippies, following a loony leader who promises them "Eden," nearly die when Eden turns out to be poisonous. Liberal, not.

Hat tip: Jules Crittenden and Protein Wisdom.

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