Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Despising your allies

James Taranto spots a parallel between Democrats today and 1974. Sen. Clinton wants to make progress by "threatening" to de-fund the democratically-elected government of Iraq:
"I want to make it very clear that we need to threaten the Iraqi government, that we're going to take money away from their troops, not our troops who still lack body armor and armored vehicles; that we're going to send a clear message -- that we are finished with their empty promises and with this president's blank check."--Hillary Clinton, speech to the Democratic National Committee, Feb. 2007
This is eerily similar to the Democrats approach to "helping" Vietnam and Cambodia in the 1970's:
"Last year, some believed that cutting back our military assistance to the South Vietnamese Government would induce negotiations for a political settlement. Instead, the opposite has happened. North Vietnam is refusing negotiations and is increasing its military pressure."--Gerald Ford, "Special Message to the Congress Requesting Supplemental Assistance for the Republic of Vietnam and Cambodia," Jan. 28, 1975
The policy of defunding our allies did not work well: Between the killing fields in Cambodia and the ethnic cleansing (see "boat people") in communist Vietnam, there was a staggering death toll. Applying the same policy to Iraq, where Al Qaeda and Iran are fighting democracy, could be even more devastating.There are other parallels. Jimmy Carter helped remove our ally, the Shah of Iran, from power so that his dictatorship could be replaced with the Islamists who today want nuclear weapons.

UPDATE: The Sanity Squad offers another explanation for Democrats who hope that the enemy wins. at least with respect to Iraq:

“What I can’t understand is why the Democrats are so desperate to surrender in Iraq.”

“To them its not about surrender. It’s about penance. Surrender in Iraq allows them to be victims.”
ADDENDUM: A topic related to despising one's allies is adopting the enemy's ideas as your own. For example, Sen. Kerry's propaganda has an amazing similarity to Al Zawahiri's. The similarity was spotted by Rush Limbaugh ($$).

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